New Things

Hello folks,
i cleaned up the site a little bit as my focus changed a lot.
I just focus more on Unity as Engine instead of others so i removed all unused sections.

I also plan to make a section which is called “Hello Game!” 🙂

What this is ? Stay tuned to figure it out 🙂

How to force to Update Windows 10

Hey folks,
today is the big update day and everyone want to download and install Windows 10.

But what if your “Get Windows 10 App” doenst give you windows 10 and you dont want to wait?

Well there are 2 options to force this download
Method 1
Thanks to PocketNow the following Method works good for me.

1. Make sure you can receive updates automatically (open your windows update settings)
2. Delete every files and folders in C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download
3. Open up a cmd (with Admin Rights should be better but may work without too) and execute the following command: wuauclt.exe /updatenow
4. Windows 10 should now start to download and you see something like this

Method 2
Download the ISO Tool here : .
When you start the ISO Tool it will ask you if you want to upgrade your Windows to Windows 10 or if you want to create a ISO Media.

Just choose “upgrade” and the process will start.

I hope this will help you 🙂 Have fun with it.

Welcome to MakeTheGame.Net !

Heya everybody,
this is my first Blog where i want to put informations, tutorials, guides and code snippet about the big topic “Game Development”.

I hope you like it.

I started first with an interesting topic (where google has only a few informations about it): How to setup AndEngine with Android Studio ?

As Android Studio is the better IDE it has some “special tricks” to setup andengine correctly.

So here is the Guide: