Unity Hints

In this Section you will find some “hints” for the Unity Engine that are good to know.
I will split this intoseveral sections like “Unity General” , “Unity iOS” and “Unity Android”.


Unity for Android

Admob and “Repackage Failure”

If you use the AdMob Package from here you maybe face the following issue if you try to build the game :
“No resource found that matches the given name at theme with value ‘@style/Theme.IAPTheme”
After several hours of searching i found the solution (as usual) on Stack Overflow.
In your Project Directory open the Android Manifest from Assets/Plugins/Android/GoogleMobileAdsPlugin/ and uncomment the following like this:

Well this isnt really clean solution but it should solve your problem 🙂

Pixelated Textures

Sometimes you have pixelated textures on your 2D Game in Android.
The solution is simple.
Just uncheck “Generate Mip Maps” in the Inspector for the Texture.

Access to Path Issue

Sometimes you will get the following error when you want to export the Project:
Access to the path “C:\Unity 5 Projects\………..Assembly-CSharp-firstpass.dll.mdb” is denied

This means something is accessing this file currently.
It is possible that a virus scanner is accessing it but did you know that DROPBOX also access this file too if you have saved your project there ? So just shutdown Dropbox before you build and it should work fine 🙂


Unity iOS

Offset Scroller doesnt Repeat Texture

Only in iOS if you have an offset scroller with a repeat texture the texture doenst repeat.
It becomes black or something like if you wouldnt set repeat to the texture.

You need to make a little change in the import settings.
In the Advanced Section set “Non Power of 2” to “ToNearest”.


Unity General

— coming soon —

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